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Harbourview Resort – US$550,000

Harbourview Resort

At a Glance:

Location: Toula, Vava’u – TONGA
Type: Tourism Resort
Plot Size: ~ 1.35 acres


*** PRICE REDUCED TO 850,000 NEW ZEALAND DOLLARS (Approx. USD $550,000 at current rates) ***
Harbourview Resort (formerly called “Marcella Resort”), located in Toula, the most exclusive area of Vava’u is composed of the following:

Approx 1.35 Acres of Ocean View Land
(Land in this exact area has sold for USD $76,000 for one acre plots with mere 20 year Government leases; this property has a 50 year, renewable for life Government lease and is as secure and as close to freehold / fee simple as one can get in Tonga!)
(The 1.35 acres doesn’t include Government Oceanfront which the resort has access and use of, via Governor’s permission letter)

Octagon Main House
(1,810 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 2 offices, an enormous living room, huge commercial kitchen, gigantic laundry room, large storage room and massive deck w/ bar) * This building was used as a full-scale restaurant by the former resort owners and could easily be used as a bar and/or restaurant again, which would add considerable income, and could be one of the most popular night spots in all of Vava’u!

Manager’s House
(884 square feet with two bedrooms (5 beds], fridge, stove, separate bath and private veranda) * This would be a wonderful private residence for any owner(s) who is interested in using the Octagon building as a full-scale restaurant and bar as it was in the past!

(1) Triple Room Rental Unit
(520 square feet with two beds, fridge, stove, separate bath and private veranda)

(3) Rental Units
(432 square feet each with double & single beds, fridge, stove, separate bath and private veranda)

(4) Rental Units
(400 square feet each with interconnecting doors [For families to rent both units if needed], double & single beds, fridge, stove, separate bath and private veranda)

(1) Single Room Rental Unit
(336 square feet with double bed, fridge, stove, separate bath and private veranda) * Please note that every one of these rental units contains more square footage then the average Vava’u hotel or resort room! *

Also note that all units and residences have “SolaHart (www.solahart.com.au)” Solar Water Heater Systems (This not only saves you about $30,000 in up-front costs, as well as quite a bit on monthly electric bills, but it means you are one of the only resorts in all of Vava’u that offers your guests hot showers; that’s a marketing tip for the brochures)!

Covered Tongan Style Barbeque Area
(336 square feet and can accommodate 16+ people; great to use for Tongan feasts and the like and yet another way to add additional income!)

Full Size Tennis Court
(The ONLY resort or hotel in all of Vava’u with such a luxury!)

Workshop Area w/ Storage Shed
(1,369 square foot under roof. The under roof open area next to the storage shed could actually be used as a place for tables and chairs and which to serve refreshments to the tennis playing guests as it is located off the tennis court)

Harbourview also has the following benefits (some of which are very rare indeed for Tonga):

50 Year Government Lease!!!
* This property was “surrendered” by its Tongan landowner, allowing the government to give a 50 year lease to the current resort owner, which is extremely rare here and very beneficial to whoever the new owner will be as it means this property is as close to freehold / fee simple as one can possibly get in Tonga! There are 49+ years remaining on the government lease, which is then easily renewable over and over again (again, this is as close to freehold / fee simple land as one can get in Tonga!)

Governor of Vava’u permission letter
to access and use of the beachfront, jetty and wharf below the resort! * It is extremely rare for anyone to receive the Governor’s permission in this way. Many have tried but few have succeeded. What this means is that the new resort owner will have access to and use of the beachfront, jetty and wharf. You could even set up some tables and chairs on the beachfront for guests, for a quiet beachside BBQ, as this is a fantastic spot to swim and relax!

Development License
(No duty on imports through the end of 2008. This could save you quite a bit if you were to bring a container of items [scooters, bicycles, kayaks, peddle boats, vehicles, etc!)

Private jetty
(You can dock your boat even at low tide!)

Mains electricity
(A great benefit compared to the solar/generator only resorts on outer islands, as petrol is quite expensive compared to the local electricity) $2,700 Guaranteed Price Quote from Electric Company to Change the Power Lines from Overhead to Underground (This is not necessary but it would add to the beauty of the place and enhance the ocean view)

Mains water with an additional 80,000 Litre water tank
(The huge rainwater tank is a great benefit to this property as it saves money on monthly water bills and insures a constant water supply. Mere 3,000 litre tanks cost $1,600 so you can see the value as well!)

24/7 TCC “Data Anywhere” Internet Service
(A must in this day and age!) Two Phone Lines into the Resort for Phone and Fax (A nice benefit to not have to rely on cell phones) Outside phone for guests (The owners sell phone cards to their guests; just another great way to make a little extra income)

(1) Carpenter/Gardener (Extremely reliable and does excellent work!)
(1) Cleaning Lady (Very reliable and punctual)

  • Beautiful Gardens, Treed Border and Manicured Lawns (Plenty of flowers & fruit trees to enhance the ambiance of the place)
  • Great wholesaler / booking agent relationships already established! Bookings through the end of December, 2008 (Cash-back is always nice!)
  • Bookings Income Increased by 80% in the Past Year
  • Established and popular website which generates good business and inquiries.
  • Great Reviews in such Publications as Lonely Planet Guidebooks as well as on On-line Vacation Sites!

There you have it, and there’s nothing better! Most folks usually ask why an owner is selling/leasing his or her property, so we will state right now in this ad that the owner of this fantastic resort is a pharmacist and has recently leased a property which he plans to develop into a wonderful health center here in Vava’u. He has brought in a fantastic medical doctor and out patient surgeon from Holland to work in this center and has many great ideas that will benefit the people of Vava’u, but needs the funds to make it a reality.

The asking price has been reduced from USD $735,000 to the owner’s bottom dollar $850,000 NEW ZEALAND DOLLARS (Aprrox. USD $550,000 at current rates) which is, to be entirely honest, a steal of a deal You will notice that it is around half the price of other Tongan resorts, yet from the above description it is easy to see that it is simply in a class of its own! There is not another resort anywhere in Vava’u with the combination of a surrendered property with 50 year government lease, Governor’s permission to use and access of the crown waterfront land, massive replacement value of the buildings and inventory, quality of construction, income potential, etc.

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For more information:

Contact: Peter Falefo’ou
Website www.investintonga.com
Telephone: Tonga (676) 70-788
Tonga (676) 886-3219


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