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The following are a selection of questions we’ve been asked in the past and include them here should you have the same question on your mind. We welcome your input about our products and services so be sure to let us know if an answer to your a question is not already included here.

Why should I advertise with you?

We bring a fresh approach to marketing real estate and offer a variety of benefits over those currently available. Through combining the power of the internet with our innovative exposure strategies and personalized service, we create a compelling advantage for anybody with property for sale.

We also don’t just wait for buyers to stumble upon our website. Instead, we target buyers worldwide, searching for second homes, investment property, business opportunities, lifestyle changes and retirement options, encouraging them to visit and see for themselves what we have to offer. When they do, they’ll see your property presented in a clear and professional manner, providing it with the best opportunity possible to be considered seriously.

Finally, our rates are attractive compared to similar websites and alternative forms of advertising and perhaps most importantly, we don’t charge any sales commission which can potentially save you thousands of $$$$$


How do Buyers find you?

One of the main differences between ourselves and other listing services is that our business model is not based upon Buyers finding Us, but on Us finding Buyers!

Many listing websites try to let Buyers find them by ranking highly in user-defined searches on the likes of Yahoo!, Bing and Google. However, to be returned favorably in these searches, certain organizational practices have to be adopted which limits the opportunity for innovation and originality. With hundreds of websites following this methodology, it’s not surprising many appear to look and operate similarly.

We on the other hand, take a different view. We put the effort we would otherwise use to be like everyone else into proactive strategies that take our listings to the Buyers that want to consider them now! We incorporate numerous innovative techniques to locate potential Buyers and are not constrained into doing only those things which please the search engines. As a result, our approach is original and our website structure unique.

Having said all of the above, we certainly don’t dismiss the benefits a good search engine ranking can offer. In our case, as our popularity and online profile increases, we too will increasingly benefit from its effect – but our focus will always remain on searching for Buyers rather than waiting for them to find us.


How many properties have you helped sell?

Since we’re not Realtors with a financial interest in the actual point of completion, we don’t make a point of monitoring sales. Similarly, if you place an Ad with us, all inquiries will go directly to you – we don’t read or filter them.


If you don’t monitor sales how do you know your methodology works?

We market properties for the purpose of getting them sold. However, the actual point of sale is dependent on a variety of factors outside of our control such as for example; local and global economic conditions, destination trends, or inflated property valuations to name but a few.

As a property marketing company, our business is to market property rather than to sell property. Of course we market property to achieve a sale but the two aspects are in reality quite distinct. To ensure we stay current, we constantly monitor our marketing strategies and websites for their effectiveness, as these are the aspects which allow us to determine if our marketing is working, rather than specific sales.

We’re also refining our approach on an ongoing basis and have only recently undertaken a review of our activities based upon our monitoring data and the feedback we’ve received from customers and visitors like you.

We’re confident we offer a valuable service for any property seller looking to handle their own sale.


Other websites have higher Search, Alexa and Page rankings etc. Wouldn’t it be better to advertise my property with them instead of you?

Being proactive and marketing your property involves developing a strategy with a realistic chance of success. Usually this involves more than simply advertising on just one website. More important, is to engage as many different means as possible that will give you access to potential buyers. This includes choosing companies that understand the strengths of the property you are selling and can access the buyers that might consider it.

Of course advertising with a company that ranks prominently for an important aspect associated with your property can be advantageous, but simply choosing companies which appear on the first page of Google or have impressive stats offer no automatic route to success. ‘Popularity’ on the internet can be achieved via techniques that have no bearing on anything that might help you sell your property. Likewise, advertising with companies that target the same readership effectively means you are paying more than once to advertise to the same person!

Our approach involves targeting buyers while cross-advertising between our geographic and thematic websites. We also leverage our appeal to third party content providers and integrate our product with our facebook business pages. Taking this route means we will likely never achieve the ratings and rankings of the larger websites simply because of the way we are structured.

Rather than make things bigger by grouping everything together for the benefit of popularity and our online statistics, we instead have made them smaller and more focused for the benefit of our advertisers. The flexibility and focus we have as a result of this strategy creates a powerful methodology to market your property in ways that few other companies are able to do.

Comparison of online metrics such as page rank etc, is the established means to quantify ‘conventional’ effectiveness. However, achieving statistical prominence can often be at the expense of innovation, making them less useful for comparison with an unconventional approach.

As a niche marketing group, we take an unconventional approach. We will certainly benefit as our online profile increases over time, but since our strategy doesn’t depend on buyers finding our website via online search, we’re being effective right now!


Why don’t you provide traffic statistics?

Industries like to have a measure of some description to compare this with that. The online advertising industry is no different. The most popular measure for comparison between websites is their site traffic, or in simpler terms, the number of people that visit. Generally speaking, the higher the traffic a website receives the better the advertising venue it is perceived to be.

While traffic can be an important aspect to consider, it isn’t necessarily the most important one – or the most appropriate. Many listing websites know boosting traffic will bring them more business. To achieve this they’ll often include as many countries as possible, perhaps a chat forum, maybe a blog, include plenty of soundbite articles, or maybe even have regular writing competitions! None of this is inherently bad, but it’s important to distinguish between traffic that may find you a buyer and traffic that makes for a popular social website.

We don’t actively seek the headline-grabbing statistics that cause many online businesses to salivate. With a fundamental aspect of our strategy being to create smaller, focused websites, our traffic is likely to always be lower than many of our competitors. Without consideration to the ‘quality’ of this traffic, releasing our figures publicly will invariably lead to us being unfairly compared. Naturally we’d prefer this doesn’t happen, so choose to explain our strategy and let you decide if it sounds reasonable.


What’s the value of being listed on facebook, isn’t it just used by schoolkids?

This might have been the case a few years ago but not anymore. facebook currently represents an excellent means of driving exposure. In fact the fastest growing demographic on facebook is 35-54 year old, with 25-34 year old just behind. Overall they currently have in excess of 400 million active users that spend over 500 billion minutes every month interacting on the platform.

Additionally, facebook business pages are indexed and searchable online unlike personal profiles, therefore your listing can be seen by anyone on the internet not just facebook members or members that have joined a page.

Finally, as an innovative marketing organization, we would be very happy for ‘schoolkids’ to see our facebook Ads, Kids have proven time and again to be beneficial in marketing campaigns by bringing products to the attention of their parents! Relocation is something that kids can often take more of an interest in than adults may realize.


Why do I have to reconfirm my listing every 6 months?

We understand this may be inconvenient to some people but we have this requirement for some very good reasons.

Firstly, it can be very easy to forget to inform all the places where your property is advertised, after it has been sold or if it is currently off the market. Likewise, when things like the asking price or other important details change, it’s good practice to keep your Ad updated.

From our point of view and that of our readers, we want to ensure that the properties we display are described accurately and are all currently available for sale. We don’t bulk our listings with properties that we know are unavailable.

Finally, one very good reason why you should make a point of reconfirming with us, is that on doing so, your property will to ‘Bumped’ to the top of our listings on our homepage giving it renewed prominence.


What’ happens if I don’t reconfirm my listing at 6 months?

Your listing is set to automatically expire if we do not receive reconfirmation between month 5 and month 7, which provides a window of 2 months for you to reconfirm.

Once your listing has been removed from our website(s), it can be reinstated by contacting us and payment of an administration fee of US$25 for a single website or US$35 for multiple websites. On reinstatement, it will be placed at the top of the listings on each respective homepage.

We do however, encourage sellers to monitor where their properties are advertised on an ongoing basis and to keep them current. One of the reasons often quoted by buyers for their distrust of online listings is the fact that the same property can often be seen advertised simultaneously on different websites for different prices or details. Not keeping details current on ALL of the the websites you feature, is the major cause of this and is bad for establishing confidence in your property.


Can you guarantee me a sale if I advertise with you?

Unfortunately not. We wish we could. However, what we can guarantee, is our best efforts to market your property professionally and effectively via all means at our disposal.


Do I get a refund if I don’t sell or get any inquiries?

Unfortunately not. Your subscription covers the marketing efforts we expend to advertise your property and are incurred from the moment we start. Ultimately, these efforts will have been expended whether your property finds a buyer or not but it’s clear with our ‘advertised until sold!’ subscription, the sooner your property sells, the better for us all!

As to the number of inquiries: The issue should be quality, not quantity. We’ve carefully designed our property displays to provide the information a buyer needs to make a considered decision. We could leave out the price, or the acreage, or number of bedrooms, to encourage buyers to inquire, but in reality what are we achieving? Satisfaction that your Ad is being effective, or irritation in potential buyers that basic information is not included? – When offering anything for sale it’s generally a good idea to give potential buyers the information they need to keep them happy.


Why would a dedicated For Sale website be a good idea?

A dedicated For Sale website is a good idea if you intend to market your property through a variety of different advertising media. Using your website as a reference it will be much easier to implement changes on the one document than it is to remember all instances of where your property is advertised and edit to them individually.

Also if you intend to advertise in print media, that often charges by the word, having a website can reduce your costs significantly by avoiding the need to include a full description rather than a reference to your website.

From a buyers perspective, a clear, well-designed, property website increases its professional appeal and also raises confidence that the seller is genuine and portraying the property accurately.

Your own website also increases the chances that buyers will find your property through online searches. While it can take some time to gain visibility, particularly with a popular style of property or destination, the possibility exists and is worth considering.

Finally, a dedicated website opens the door to a host of other marketing possibilities that increase exposure for very little cost or effort on your part. For example, link to your website from your preferred social networking site, add it to the signature of outgoing emails, include it in your profile on online discussion forums, add it to property flyers you produce – or a yard sign, or just simply use it as an online reference for any additional advertising you choose to do; the possibilities are numerous but they each contribute to the chance of a achieving a successful sale.


Why should I consider cross-advertising my property on your other websites?

Cross-advertising increases the possibility of finding a buyer that might not otherwise consider or have the opportunity to see your property for sale. Each website is part of our group network but they also operate independently complete with their own marketing budgets to target their specific clientèle. This makes each additional site on which you advertise a potential route to finding a buyer for your property.

Many buyers, particularly those searching for a second home or a change of lifestyle, start their search based upon an idea rather than an absolute preference. Cross-advertising seeks to associate your property with those properties that are being considered and therefore provides yours with a valuable opportunity to be seen. Most importantly, it introduces different buyers to your property which is key to finding the one needed to make your sale

Generous discounts are available to cross-advertise on additional sites making it a cost-effective method to increase exposure.


Can I pre-register my property requirements with you?

Absolutely. If there is a particular type of property you are looking for just let us know and we shall contact you the moment we hear of a property that matches your requirements. There is no charge for this service. Please also join our facebook page to be automatically informed of our new listings and special offers.


I have to scroll a long way down your homepage to find my property. What can I do about it?

New listings are added to the top of our homepage, therefore over a period of time your property will progressively descend down that page. Furthermore, we only display 10 properties on our homepage after which properties are displayed on supplementary pages linked from the bottom of our homepage.

For those that would like bring their listing closer to the top again, we do offer the opportunity to bump your Ad for a US$10/property/website bump fee. Click here for more details.

It’s worth remembering however, that when you reconfirm your listing for further 6 months advertising when your current 6 month subscription nears to an end your listing will automatically be bumped to the top of the listings on our homepage.


Why should I consider cross-advertising my business on your other websites?

This will depend on the extent and type of business you operate. If you are a regional business, several of our websites may well be in your area of operation. Alternatively, if you are a developer for example, customers considering a purchase in the region may well be interested in your project even if they haven’t previously considered the country you are in.

We also offer generous discounts to cross-advertise on our other sites making it a cost-effective method to increase exposure.


What makes you Audio Video slideshow different and worth having?

Our audio visual slideshow presentations are not just an automated rendition of your property photos to canned music. Instead, each are original and prepared using background audio and stylistic techniques that draw a viewer into appreciating what your property has to offer.

We host and design them to be promoted on social media outlets such as YouTube and facebook leveraging their unique capacity for reach and exposure. Often our presentations are highlighted by third party content aggregators such as AOL and extensively promoted through their networks for free! While this exposure may not be guaranteed or credited back to our website via online metrics and search results, it certainly offers a valuable additional exposure outlet.


Do you charge any hidden fees?

Not at all. All our fees are upfront. In fact, since you’ll either pay us directly or be invoiced for payment, you’ll always be aware of the charges you’ll be incurring. We also charge no commission on any sale.


Will I be automatically recharged when my subscription ends?

If you’re advertising a property, there’s only one charge and it’s valid until your property is sold. For business advertisers, we don’t auto-recharge. Instead, we’ll contact you before your Ad expires and invite you to re-subscribe.


I’m having difficulty writing my advertisement. Can you help?

No problem. Just send us as much information in bullet-point form including the best photos you have available and we’ll be happy to draft your Ad for you


Can we speak in person?

We offer email support only because even in this age of mobile communications we believe it represents a more efficient means of contact. When you contact us, your email is handled by a real person with the authority and expertise to deal with your query promptly and efficiently. Furthermore, our staff are based in several locations around the world so time differences can often be a factor making telephone conversations impractical.


I’m not really sure which would be the best options for me. Can you help?

Sure. Just send us details and a few photos of your property and we’ll make some no-obligation suggestions. Rest assured, we’ll suggest the most appropriate options in our opinion, not necessarily the most expensive!


Should I drop the price of my property if I advertise with you?

The price you set is entirely up to you. However, since we do not charge any sales commission which for an international property can range from 6% to 12% the argument could be made to justify lowering the asking price due to the reduced overheads a sale will involve. With very few exceptions, the less your property is listed for the more interest it will generate as there will be more people financially-able able to consider it.


Can you invoice me directly?

Of course. Just send us your advertising information and tell us what options you’d like to subscribe and we’ll add everything up and send you an invoice for payment detailing the individual charges.


Can I use the page address of my listing in other advertising that I plan to do?

Yes you can. The page address of your listing will remain live for as long as your subscription is valid. For greater professional impact, you may like to consider having a dedicated website created that exclusively showcases your property. We offer such an option through our website partner. More details can be found at the following link WebpagePlus+


Why would my property appeal to buyers outside of my own locale?

There are more people considering relocating to another country for business, pleasure or retirement than ever before. Local advertising is suitable for certain types of property, but for many, can limit your chance of a sale by excluding the possibility of a buyer coming from further afield. Incorporating wider advertising into your sales campaign is a good way of increasing the chance of finding a buyer for relatively little additional cost.

We offer targeted advertising via Thematic, Regional and Country-specific websites giving both local and international buyers the opportunity to see what’s available to suit their requirements – wherever it may be.


Isn’t it true that it’s only worth advertising where people will be specifically looking for my type of property or location?

Many property buyers start their search based upon a general idea or preference. For international property in particular, these choices tend to be more of a general preference rather than something written in stone. Consequently, we feel it’s definitely worth having your property displayed to those who might consider it if it were placed before them.

We follow a methodology based upon ‘associative contextual marketing’. This means we ‘associate’ our listings based upon a variety of criteria, such as; Price, Type, Location etc, with other listings that may have initially attracted a buyer. In doing so, it provides the opportunity for your property to be considered as a potential purchase even though it may not have figured in a specific user-defined search. Even Google recognizes the limitation of user-defined search criteria through its Adwords program which seeks to increase sales for advertisers by associating their products with those that a Buyer is already considering.


Does the quality of an Ad really make a difference?

A well written and presented Listing Ad cannot guarantee a sale – but a poor one can certainly lose one. The more compelling and engaging an Ad is to see, the more time a potential buyer will spend reading it. Poorly written descriptions that don’t provide the information a buyer is seeking will be discarded – this becomes more likely when your property is displayed on websites with many listings.

We create listings that engage viewers into wanting to read more. We provide original Audio Video presentations, incorporate dynamic photo displays and provide the essential information a buyer needs to decide if they’re interested. We also never embed advertising into the main body of a listing disrupting its flow, as doing so only irritates readers and increases the chance they will leave.


Will advertising with companies that syndicate my listing offer more advantage?

Generally speaking, the more people that see your property Ad the better – after all it only takes one person to make a sale. However, it’s important to consider the effectiveness of the syndication and who it is benefiting. Many websites exchange listings not so much for the benefit of their advertisers but to make themselves look popular and attract more advertisers. In such a situation you are essentially paying for the company to market itself rather than your property.

We cross-advertise and feature all of our listings on our associated facebook business page leveraging facebook’s 400M+ active subscribers that span the world. We also offer generous discounts to cross-advertise on other applicable websites within our group. These websites operate independently, have their own marketing budgets, facebook pages and target a slightly different clientele, increasing exposure of your property significantly.


Isn’t it better to advertise with websites that already have lots of properties available?

The number a properties a company advertises has no bearing on the number of buyers looking at them. Many listing companies trade or syndicate property listings for no reason other than to make themselves look more popular – and attract more advertisers. Furthermore, the more listings there are – particularly if they’re poorly displayed – the less time a buyer is likely to spend considering each one while adopting a more rigorous selection criteria.

We don’t syndicate properties from other listing companies. We concentrate on creating listings that encourage buyers to read them carefully giving them the consideration they deserve.


Why do you charge a premium for animated graphic Button Ads?

It’s very important to us to create a happy balance between providing a valuable service for our advertisers and creating a pleasant user-experience for our visitors. For our advertisers, we offer cost-effective advertising on our homepage, however, the amount of ‘information’ displayed on a page has a direct effect on the speed the page will load for our users. The slower the browsing experience for our readers, the poorer the user-experience – and the shorter the time they will spend looking at your Ads!

Animated graphic Ads can be up to 15 times or more the file size of a static display Ad for any given physical size. This means each animated Ad contributes disproportionately more to slowing the page loading speed than a static Ad of the same dimensions. Since we are unique in that all our display advertising appears on every page impression this means this effect is carried on throughout our website.

Charging a premium for certain animated Ads takes into account the increased resources they use and the extra effort we expend to re balance our website because of them.


Isn’t it a bad idea to display email addresses on a public website?

You’ll often hear this advice based on the reason that doing so will cause an increase in the amount of spam you’ll receive. This may be partly true but deciding how to proceed should be considered in context of what you are trying to achieve overall.

The purpose of placing an Ad with us – or anyone else – is to attract people to see what you are selling – and then hopefully, to contact you about buying it. The harder you make it for people to contact you, the more likely they won’t.

In the early stages of a property search, it doesn’t take much to cause a Buyer to pass over your property and move onto the next. Captchas, Puzzles and anonymous forms into which Buyers have to enter their email address all cause a degree of frustration and concern about what is going to happen to their details. Tests often show people are more likely to inquire if they feel they are inquiring directly to the person that can answer their question. A clear, undisguised email address is more likely to provide this assurance over covert methods.

Spam is an unfortunate by-product of the internet – much as it is of having a letter box. Spammers use a variety of sophisticated techniques to automatically collect email addresses so just because yours may be disguised or hidden to your eyes, does not mean it is to a spam program!

It’s often a more practical approach to find a way to deal with spam rather than compromise yourself by trying to avoid it altogether. One suggestion we make for clients especially concerned about using their personal email address, is to create a throwaway gmail address specific for their online marketing efforts. With this, you can check the account directly, or alternatively, have the mail it receives redirected to your personal account, avoiding the need for your personal email address to ever enter into the public domain.

While on this subject, you may have noticed many websites will not permit you to include your email address or a website address providing more details. Instead they will force you to use a contact form which they claim offers better security. In reality, the real purpose of this practice is to stop competitors contacting you and offering a better deal!

In our case, we’re confident we already offer a great deal. Furthermore, we want to make it as easy as possible for Buyers to contact you and should a competitor want to offer you a great deal too, then we’d like you to have the chance to decide for yourself if this is the case rather than keep it from you!


I still don’t understand. Can you explain in simpler terms how you can help me find a Buyer and what makes you different?

Using a ‘fishing’ analogy, let’s assume you need to catch one specific fish out of all those which are in the ocean.

One method might be to use a net. Here, the idea will be to catch as many fish as possible in the hope that the one you want will be caught along with the others. In marketing terms, this is analogous to billboards, TV and Radio advertising, or in the virtual world of the internet, generic search-related marketing.

Another method to catch this elusive fish is to use a fishing rod. Of course it’s a big ocean, but with acquired knowledge about the behavior of this type of fish, you can choose the location from where you will fish to give you a greater likelihood of success, plus you can select a bait that the fish is more likely to find attractive.

In marketing terms, this is what we do. We target Buyers for different properties using our knowledge of their typical behavior.

As to which method will be best; this will depend on the type of property you want to sell and the corresponding type of Buyer likely to be interested in it. In marketing terms, where the aim should be to create a comprehensive structured approach for finding a Buyer, the two methods are not mutually exclusive but complementary, providing greater likelihood of success when used together.

Of course at the dock at the end of the day, it can be disheartening when the Rod fisherman returns empty-handed, while the Net crew return with plenty of wrong fish! They also may not have the fish you want but at least it looks like they were trying! This perception while understandable can also be very misleading.

In marketing terms, if you were looking for thousands of Buyers, it is easy to establish whether the methods being used are effective or not. With Real Estate, where the aim is to sell one high value item to one Buyer, a lack of immediate results may not accurately indicate that the method itself is ineffective and unlikely to yield results.

At the end of the day, you want to sell your property. Which method eventually succeeds in finding you a Buyer will be immaterial once you have sold. The key to success before that happens, is to incorporate the methods into your marketing strategy that will expose your property to as many different Buyers as possible.

Choosing our quality over quantity targeting approach to help with your sale will increase your chance of success significantly.


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