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While we try to ensure every advertisement we carry is genuine, reputable and not misleading, we are unable to guarantee this with 100% certainty. As a result we suggest the following guidelines to ensure a trouble-free experience.

  • Never divulge sensitive contact details until you are convinced the advertiser you are responding to is genuine.
  • Never divulge any financial details such as bank account numbers or online passwords.
  • Never prepay for the right to view any property or to reserve a property until you have taken appropriate legal advice.
  • Never assume with absolute certainty that any advertisement is truthful until you have personally confirmed the detail or had the detail confirmed to your satisfaction.
  • Never send money to any person purporting to be our representative if it involves payment to a third party account. All payments for advertising on this site are made from the site via PayPal to the Real Estate Property For Sale Group, or alternatively via invoice from PayPal in favor of the Real Estate Property For Sale Group directly.

If you believe an advertiser is not genuine or misrepresenting the product they are advertising please contact us with full details and we shall investigate.

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