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Photographs help to present a realistic impression of your property in the mind of a buyer. They visually support the information in your Ad and help create confidence in you as a seller and your property as being what is represented.

We offer the opportunity to include up to 20 photos in your Ad and recommend you provide as many as you feel conveys the major aspects of your property.

Take good quality recent digital photos on a fine day showing off the property’s most important features (For computer viewing, virtually any modern digital camera would suffice for taking the photos, while the photo uploads themselves need not be more than 500px wide for fast loading/uploading and acceptable viewing quality)

To upload photos by email:

  • Download the photos (resized to <200KB if possible) you wish to have in your advertisement in a JPG, JPEG, or GIF file format to a computer or any device from which you can send emails
  • Click the link below or manually create an email in your preferred program eg. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! etc

[email protected]

  • Attach up to 20 photos you would like to include in your Ad, from the location on your device where they are stored to this newly created email:
  • IMPORTANT: To allow us to track your files, please include your name in the Subject line of your email,
  • Send the email, then click the button below

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