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‘Bump’ your Ad!

How does ‘Bumping an Ad’ help Property Advertisers?

Each new property listing enters at the top of our homepage and gradually descends down the page  as other listings are added. There is also a limit  of 10 properties displayed on our homepage at any one time, therefore at the point your property becomes the 11th property listing, it will automatically move to the next page1 & 2.

‘Bumping your Ad’ will restore your listing to display in the uppermost available position on our Homepage.

How does ‘Bumping an Ad’ help Business Directory Advertisers?

Each new listing in our Business Directory will appear at the top of each category under which it is listed. Over time as other businesses are added, your entry will gradually descend in the listing results that are returned for any user-initiated Click Search query.

‘Bumping your Ad’ will restore your Ad to display in the uppermost available position for ALL categories under which it is listed, not just individual categories.

There is no limit to the number of times you can ‘Bump’ your Ad!‘, but it’s important to remember the following points before choosing to do so:

Once ‘bumped‘, there is no guarantee how long your Ad will stay in this elevated position as we may receive further Ads or other advertisers may well be ‘bumping’ their Ads too! We accept all orders on a strictly first-come, first-served basis.

‘Bump’ your Ad!
  • Bump your Ad on one or all the websites you are listed on
  • Safe and secure payment processing by PayPal
  • Real person email support

USD /property/website2

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1 – The next page is accessed via a prominent link at the bottom of our homepage.
2 – Additionally, as part of the terms of your listing, it’s necessary for you to reconfirm with us every 6 months that your property is still available for sale and that its details as displayed on this website are correct. On doing so, your property will be automatically bumped to the top of our listings for no charge as part of the reconfirmation process.

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