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About Us

At Resort Real Estate Property For Sale, we bring Buyers & Sellers together. Through our innovative strategies and global reach, whether you’re a Buyer, Seller or a Resort-related Business, we offer the means to help you achieve your marketing goals!

Globalization and a renewed focus on lifestyle choices mean we all find ourselves embracing the prospect of change.

For Individuals, change increasingly results in relocation or perhaps even a move toward starting a business or taking one over. Companies also recognize the opportunities of change, diversifying into new businesses and locations to help spread the risks associated with local markets.

However, before the advent of the internet, whether you were a Company or an Individual, a Buyer or a Seller, finding information was a time-consuming task which relied almost exclusively on Realtors. Nowadays, everyone has the opportunity to manage their real estate needs using services available through companies like us.

Buyers will certainly have their favorite sites, but as a Seller, how do you choose who to use with hundreds of websites all seemingly doing the same thing?

I’m sure that’s a question you’ve already pondered – and the advice we’d give is to look beyond the rhetoric and myths associated with online advertising and establish specifically what marketing advantage – if any – a particular company offers.

At Resort Real Estate Property For Sale, we bring Buyers & Sellers together. Through our innovative strategies and global reach, whether you’re a Buyer, Seller or a Resort-related Business, we offer the means to help you achieve your marketing goals!

For Buyers …
… we offer a highly-focused venue to discover desirable properties For Sale.

We know how frustrating it can be to look at listings with tiny photos and poorly written descriptions. Worse still, is seeing unrelated 3rd party advertising embedded into the text. That’s why we designed our listings to be attractive and clear, providing the core information you’ll need, with no embedded 3rd party advertising interrupting the flow.

Plus, if you need more info, we provide a direct line of contact, in most cases, to the Seller, not via a contact form that invariably passes through several intermediaries.

Also, to help you search more intuitively for the property you want, we created our innovative Click Search system. Here you’ll never find empty categories – just properties which meet your selection criteria!

For Sellers …
… we offer a Worldwide advertising platform to attract prospective Buyers.

This includes Homepage advertising with a dedicated web page for each and every property. We’ll even create your Ad if you’d like, plus crop, straighten, and refocus the photos you want to use – for no additional cost. When it comes to getting your property out there, we don’t just put it on our website and wait for Buyers to find us – we make the effort to find them! We use a variety of targeting and social media techniques to get your property in front of those who’ll want to see it!

If you’d like even more – we can do that too! How about an original Audio/Video slideshow to enhance your Property Ad? Perhaps you’d like to cross-advertise your property on the other websites in our network for more exposure? or maybe you’d like a dedicated Property For Sale website which you can use for marketing through other mediums? …

For Businesses …
… we offer the means to advertise Resort-related Products and Services to a focused group of potential customers

For Businesses targeting the Resort market, our website represents an ideal venue to advertise your products and services to the people that will need them. Our Display Ads show not only on our Homepage but on every page impression – for no additional cost. These create excellent exposure for your brand no matter where on our website our readers happen to be.

We can do all above and more, because we’re much more than just an automated listing service.

As part of the Real Estate Property For Sale Group, we’re also part of a global network of Thematic, Regional and Country-specific websites which can target your Property or Business to those most interested in seeing it. Since we’re also run by professional marketers, we understand the strengths of your product and how to present it in the most effective and compelling manner.

If you’d like to know more about how we operate, you may like to take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions. There we address many area of concern in a no-nonsense, straightforward fashion – while dispelling a few myths in the process!

If you have any questions of your own, or would like to know how we can help in your particular circumstances, drop us a line; we’re a friendly bunch and we’re always happy to help!

Chris Campbell

Operations Director

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